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Services Available

Serving the South, East, North, and West

sides of Milwaukee by serving those bound by alcohol,

tobacco, cocaine and other drugs of abuse.  


Group Counseling
Individual Counseling
Spiritual Counseling
Family Counseling
Education & Enlightenment

Trauma & Inner-Healing Counseling
Outreach & Referral


Call Forever Free Substance Abuse &

Mental Health Treatment Center at:


for more information or to sign up for counseling.

Articles & Resources
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Therapy Services​

- Child Counseling

- Play Therapy

- Family Counseling

- Coping & Adjusments

- Anger Management

- Group Therapy

​Speech & Language

​- Articulation Disorders

- Expressive Disorders

- Oral-Motor Difficulties

- Resonance/Voice Disorders

- Pronunciation Difficulties

- Communication Difficulties

​Educational Services

- Assessment & Evaluation


- Learning Difficulties

- Cognitive Testing

- School Visits

Occupational Therapy​

- Pervasive Developmental Disorders

- Gross and Fine Motor Delays

- Developmental Delays
- Coordination & Balance Problems
- Attention & Concentration Problems
- Learning Problems

​School Observation

- Direct observation in school setting​

- Collaborate with teachers on tasks​
- Develop techniques to communicate​
- Assist with program modification​
- Provide resources for school staff​

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Forever Free Postcards 2019 Need
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